Title Publication Year
Candles The Windhover 2020
Resurrection After A Headache Mezzo Cammin 2020
Then, Without Warning, Winter Mezzo Cammin 2020
Overflow Plough 2020
Echolocation The Scores 2020
Relic Presence 2020
Trenta Sei On a Car Crash during the Coronavirus Pandemic Ekstasis 2020
Philosopher's Millstone Ekstasis 2020
Hymn to an Open Box of Spaghetti as It Falls from a Pantry Shelf Convivium 2020
Post Partum Measure Review 2019
Still Life with Dead Jackdaw Euphony Journal 2019
Annunciation Society of Classical Poets 2019
Elegy to an Orange in Phoenix National Review 2016
The Swiffer Curator Magazine 2016
Church Cleaning Dappled Things 1899
Marco Polo Fare Forward 1905
Relic II St. Katherine Review 1905